Power Factor Controllers


The controllers realize the timely measurement to all the parameters in the mains. The controllers consider the frequency of changes in the reactive load and follow the principle of rotational switching. This guarantees that optimum power factor correction is achieved with the minimum number of switching operations..

➥ Supply voltage at 90-550V
➥ 6 or 12 relays output
➥ c-UL approval


The plug’s play power factor controllers calculate the active and reactive power in the mains form the measured current and voltage. The very low current threshold of 15mA allows for very reliable and exact PF control. The PFRM can monitor the temperature inside the capacitor by means of an integrated sensor..

➥ Supply voltage 50-530V
➥ 6, 12 Transistor outputs for the operation with thyristor switches
➥ Fast switching time 20ms
➥ Optional 3 phase current measurement
➥ c-UL approval