Low voltage capacitors

The capacitors are suitable for all conventional applications and even toughest requirements. They all have a self-healing dielectric and are provided with internal discharge resistor. All capacitors with voltage ratings up to 660Vrms have been approved to UL and CSA standards..

➥ 100% made in Germany
➥ Original CAPAGRIP terminals in size K,L,M
➥ Inert insulation gas N2

Medium voltage capacitors

The shunt capacitors are mainly used for increasing the power factor, reducing the line loss at the medium voltage range from 1KV up to 35KV. They are all-film dielectric – polypropylene foil impregnated with an environmentally friendly, non-toxic biodegradable insulating oil..

➥ High overload capability
➥ High explosion-resistant capability
➥ Discharge time within 10 minutes